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Our Approach

Walk into any functional fitness gym in America on any given day and you’re likely to see people from all walks of life trying to get more fit than they were the day before.

Accountants, bus drivers, moms, dads, police officers…the list goes on.

The allure of functional fitness is that anyone can do it. Those of us who have been doing functional fitness for a long time love the community aspect that comes with cheering on our peers during a particularly grueling WOD.

It’s building this sense of community into competitions that is the drive behind Complete Competitions.

We want you – the accountants, bus drivers, moms, dads, police officers – to push yourself in a welcoming space where you can feel good about your accomplishment and cheer on others, just like you would at your home box.

And, oh yeah, you’ll get some nice swag for your efforts.

Welcome to Complete Competitions.


Meet the Team


Brad Schopieray

Brad coached football and swimming before starting CrossFit as an athlete in early 2016, where he eventually earned his CrossFit L1 certificate. What initially drew him to this form of fitness was the promise of getting fit, but he quickly identified a space where he could put his love of teaching others to good use. This interaction with athletes helped him to understand how each athlete has goals in mind but, with motivation, can do more than what they think is possible.

“CrossFit gives athletes from all walks of life a feeling of accomplishment that they might not get anywhere else.  I want to create events that push athletes to achieve more than what they thought possible and are a celebration of the hard work athletes put in everyday.”


Kristen Schopieray

Kristen has always leaned toward athletics. As a kid, she played every sport under the sun, and then some. That passion for movement and fitness stuck with her as she and her husband started doing CrossFit in 2016. The goal-setting and mindset-improving nature of the sport has helped Kristen continue to push herself out of her comfort zone and seek out new opportunities to grow.

“What I want for our company is to provide events that keep in line with the functional fitness community that I’ve come to love. To have athletes of all backgrounds come out, kick some butt, have fun, and celebrate together what we all just accomplished.”

Brent Muscle Up

Brent Widlak

Brent has been doing CrossFit since 2016 and entered his first competition two years ago.  He was surprised by the lack of fun and drive to push each other in a competitive and healthy atmosphere. It was a far cry from the community spirit he had come to embrace at his home CrossFit box. Going from an environment where the athletes cheered on each other, to one where the competitive intensity overwhelmed everything was a bit of a shock.  Helping to integrate this community spirit of CrossFit into competitions was his driving reason for starting Complete Competitions.

“Community is everything to me. It’s why I gravitated toward CrossFit and not some other form of fitness. If we can help athletes accomplish their fitness goals in a supportive and encouraging environment, and show them they can do great things, then this can help many athletes scratch that competitive itch.”

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