January 25, 2020 - Winter Games at CrossFit Edge 94



August 17, 2019 - Barbells and BBQ at Grand Trunk CrossFit

Barbells and BBQ Workout 1

Barbells & BBQ Workout #2

Barbells & BBQ Workout #3

Barbells and BBQ Results

Our inaugural Barbells & BBQ is a 2 person partner (M/M , F/F) competition celebrating everything that make both summer and the functional fitness community so awesome! Push yourself in a fun and supportive atmosphere, eat some delicious BBQ, and celebrate a job well done with your peers!

This event will have 3 main floor events. Of course, it wouldn't be Barbells & BBQ without the barbell - expect barbell movements in each of the main floor events! And good news for some, as this particular event will not include any rig work or the jump rope.